The dreaded Plateau

It’s the most hated word in fitness: plateau.

After two weeks and a three pound weight gain (which is normal in the strength phase, as fat is being converted to muscle), my measurements are the same. Ugh.

Weight loss is the hardest thing in the world, especially when you’ve had a week of parties, road trips & a husband who likes to snack. Sometimes I think it’s a wasted pursuit & I should focus my efforts on something attainable, like folding laundry.

I’m trying to change how I eat, but in my house it seems impossible. On the same day my husband says no more junk, it’s 7-11 nachos. I guess it’s harder when you’re the only one trying. I’ve begun avoiding mirrors because I just can’t stand looking @ my going nowhere reflection. I have 12 weeks to get down another size (14 to 11) as my goal is to get in those pants for July 1/11. Strength phase has two more weeks & I want to add cardio on days I’m not at the gym but finding time is hard.

So, how does one get a spouse on board with lifestyle change? I’m frustrated beyond belief because I know I would see results if the junk food ban existed but at the same time, he’s not dieting, so we’re at am impasse.

I’m hoping I can feel like a success soon, because there are ALOT of mirrors in my house.

One thought on “The dreaded Plateau

  1. To be honest MH, you have to get to the point that YOU want to change. I’m having sorta the same prob and I’ve had it in the past but, you have to come to the realization that he’s not gonna lose the weight for you. If he doesn’t want to get on board, keep moving forward and work hard towards your goal. You may just inspire him once your results start showing. I know from failed attempt after attempt. Dieting doesn’t work, you HAVE to change your lifestyle. I hate that sentence but it’s true! Believe me, no matter how well I eat, I’m struggling with the baby weight. I’m still nursing too which did NOT help me LOSE weight. Maintain? Yes, but not where I want to be. It’s damn hard, msg me whenever you need support girl!

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