No Flowers For you!

This story caught my eye and I felt compelled to say something about it.

Obviously, same sex marriage is a hot button issue for many people, even though we live in a society where homosexuality is part of the norm. So much so, that Glee’s Kurt & Blaine can share a sexy liplock on primetime & nobody bats an eyelash.

This issue particularly stuck out as for the last year, I have been helping a friend plan her wedding to her longtime partner. One chapel refused to conduct the ceremony but otherwise, no one has said “boo” about it. Obviously ASH Multimedia will shoot a same sex wedding, as we support all relationships, as long as they are positive.

Which brings me to my point. Religious beliefs are great, everyone needs to believe in something and kudos to you for finding what works for you. However, when you open your doors as a business, I don’t care if you worship Snuggles, the German speaking cat, your religious beliefs cannot affect your business.

Let’s reverse the situation; say these flowers were for a funeral & the widowed spouse was the same sex. Would this florist turn them away again? What about date night flowers? Does this florist check the gender of the plants’ intended? For all she knows, hundreds of her sacred Christian blossoms have gone to *gasp* the gays!

The Bible is man’s interpretation of God’s words. While it’s an excellent guide to follow, it’s not finite. Many animals have shown to engage in same sex unions, so who are we to say that it’s not just another part of the norm. We are not God, nor do we truly understand his feelings on any one subject. All we SHOULD do is continue to love one another until whatever higher power chooses to tell us what’s what. The flowers are already cut, does it really matter who carries them in their final hours?

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