Day Seven: What Makes Me Happy

What makes me happy? Everything!

It doesn’t take much to make me happy, as I pride myself on making myself happy every day. I couldn’t imagine living a life where tiny things, such as my favourite song coming on my iPod just when I wanted to hear it, or shopping, or something funny my daughter said didn’t make my whole day awesome. So, to compile a list of things that make me happy is actually quite easy. But, for the sake of not boring you, I’ll keep the list small.

1. My daughters. Duh. They’re my pride & joy, my source of happiness every day. Nothing brings me greater happiness than my girls.

2. Yoga. I love yoga. I love how it makes my body feel better, with less back pain. I love that it’s helping me lose weight. I love that I feel so rejuvenated after a good sweat session with Stratusphere Yoga. Even while I was house hunting, or ill, & couldn’t do a full workout, I still made time for twenty minutes of yoga poses. I even have yoga goals; like someday I’ll be able to do Crow pose properly & not just prep & I’ll do those preacher curls while in Flamingo. Yoga helps the body, mind & spirit.


3. Music. I love all music. I identify with so many songs & they take me back to snippets of time that make me happy. I couldn’t go a day without singing along with the radio or listening to my iPod. I love all music, from death metal to classical & I think it’s my second favourite non-parenting thing in the world.

4. Writing. Another duh. Never a day without a word was my former professor’s motto & I think I live that. I love to create & give my random ideas life. I love telling stories, recreating memories of concerts, sporting events, the first time you heard that song. It’s my passion & it’s everything to me. Writing is like oxygen to me. It makes me a better person, & once I’ve finished moving, I’ll have a byline again & I’ll be telling my stories again before you know it.

5. Edgar Allen Poe. My all time favourite author. I love his work so much. So much, that my favourite work by Poe is often a “How well do you know MH?” Staple. There’s just something about his macabre works that draw me in every time.

6. Tim Burton Films. I used to own his entire filmography until my ex husband pawned them all. My copy of Nightmare Before Christmas was all that survived (although I do have a copy of Edward Scissorhands as well). Jack is tattooed on my shoulder, he’s regularly my Facebook cover photo & even my phone’s lock screen. My all time favourite line from Nightmare was once a text tone on my phone, but I don’t use that one anymore.


That’s my short list of happy things. I hope you have a quality list too. Everyone deserves a list of awesome things that makes them happy, as everyone deserves to be happy every day.

Day Five: Song That Inspires You

I don’t have one; I have all of them.

Music is a huge part of my life. I studied music for many years. Singing was like breathing to me. I once auditioned & was accepted to a performing arts school but opted to focus on my true love, journalism. I have so many songs that mean a million things to me, I couldn’t narrow it down to just one. I could, however, make a list! (I love lists!)

1. Let it Rain – Amanda Marshall. My high school anthem. I listened to this song to get through everything; breakups, failed tests, fights with my parents, friends. Amanda Marshall was my Queen. I loved her voice, her crazy curls, everything. My goal in life was to interview Ms. Marshall, which I did on June 18/12. It’s still the greatest thing I’ve ever done as a journalist.

2. Drops of Jupiter – Train. The first song I sang to my oldest daughter. It always reminds me of being young & clueless & wanting to be the best mom ever.

3. Be Like That – 3 Doors Down. One night when I was trying to decide to end an engagement to a man I will never discuss outside of this reference, this song came on the digital cable music channel & it all clicked. I packed & I left.

4. The Way – Fastball. Every memory of my two high school besties is tied up in this song. And ferrets. It reminds me of my carefree youth.

5. Everything Has Changed – Gavin DeGraw. After being duped by two people I never thought could hurt me, I fled a bar in tears. I went home & sat on my bed & sobbed to the Gleason Table until his phone & mine were going to die. I plugged mine in & sat on my bed & bawled while hitting shuffle on my iPhone. This song came on & it made me feel better. I vowed that I would never let anyone have the power to hurt me like that again. It became my anthem.

6. Aftermath – Lifehouse. My anthem for wishful thinking.

7. Come on Get Higher – Matt Nathanson. This song reminds me of a specific moment in time with a person I need to forget but I choose to remember & despite my moving on with my life in a positive way or what I know is the right thing, my feelings for that person never change. I don’t listen to it often, but once every couple of months, I do & remember the amazing person I thought I knew.

8. Hail to the King – Avenged Sevenfold. The only song that motivates me to go for my 5K runs. Before that it was Nightmare (Avenged Sevenfold) & then Carry On (Avenged Sevenfold). Okay, maybe this should just read “Avenged Sevenfold.”

9. A Drop In The Ocean – Ron Pope. This song is featured in one of my favourite scenes in my former favourite show, The Vampire Diaries. It’s such a simple & powerful scene & the song is so perfect. The song now is part of my regular rotation.

10. Part of Me – Katy Perry. When my marriage ended, this B side was posted on Perez Hilton (it was later released as a single). It helped me cope with the many emotions resulting in the end of the relationship that encompassed my entire adult life. When friendships & other relationships ended, I went back to it & put it on repeat to help me remember that place of strength I found.

11. We Remain – Christina Aguilera. Xtina is my musical Queen of everything & the Hunger Games are my literary everything. Put them together & it’s pretty much everything. I’ve been taking a lot of trains lately & for some reason I listen to this song over & over on repeat, like I’m pretending it’s guiding me towards my comfortable future in my new city & new home.

12. Imaginary Friend – Chantal Kreviazuk. My favourite song in high school. I still relate to it to this day.

13. All Too Well – Taylor Swift. I think we can all relate to this song a little too well.

There are many more but these are some of the most important ones. I truly hope that everyone has a list of songs that inspire them. I couldn’t imagine life without them.