The 2013 30 Day Blog Challenge: Day 3

Day three: Describe your relationship with your parents.

Well, my relationship with my mom is odd, so I would rather describe my relationship as a parent.

I’m not a conventional parent. I will ask them what their major malfunction is when they take tantrums at the store. I don’t immediately step in for conflict. I ask them what they think the right choice is & they go to bed by 8:30 on school nights. We do structured activities like crafts & go on random adventures.

I know I’m not the “typical” mom & that’s okay. It works for us. I have three well behaved children who love everyone, are compassionate & bright. My 11yo is a gifted writer & musician & her teachers rave about her leadership skills. She reads non-stop & the lessons she takes from her books makes me proud. She’s environmentally conscious & is always striving to make our house more eco-friendly. My 6yo brought home a flawless report card & reads at a grade two level. Her piano teacher raves at how well she’s doing & her bright future in music. Her imagination is unparalleled. My 3yo is sweet & loving with a razor sharp memory & vocabulary skills that are superior to much older kids.

We talk about everything, they aren’t afraid to come to me & we resolve things as a family. We may not be conventional, but we love each other & we’ll figure this life thing out together…

…and if I can get them all off to college without knocking off a liquor store, that’ll be great too.

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