Round and Round

“Never Be Afraid To Try Again…”

For those of you new to my little world, I’m a law student. I’m an awful one.

I can honestly say I’m arguably the worst law student ever & I may hold the title of bringing down my graduating class’s GPA one class at a time! But I need a secondary career and I’m here, so I bust my butt to try and learn to be good at this law clerk thing.

Giving up the first time something doesn’t go right isn’t really my style. If I gave up the first time one of my articles were panned, or this blog was ignored, or when something went horribly wrong, well I’d still be doing nothing.

However, we live in a disposable society where relationships are abandoned after the first fight or sign of trouble. We abandon frienships because they no longer fit into our version of a perfect life. We abandon our jobs because they started sucking, or school because it got lame. We believe everyone & everything is replaceable & that if something doesn’t go right the first time, then we just give up.

However, it’s never too late to try again. You can retake that class you failed. You can go to work the next day with a better attitude & hopefully it’ll get better. You can mend fences with friends (my brother reconciled a friendship after a 10 year falling out, it can be done) or you can even swallow your pride & ask for yet another chance. After all, maybe the stuff you’re giving up on is actually really good!

So, while I may never be the world’s greatest law clerk, I know I tried my best…sometimes over and over and over again. There’s no worse feeling than the feeling of giving up too soon. Sometimes we need to follow the sage advice of sweet Dumbo & just try again until we finally get it right.