I often criticize WWE programming for their inability to write a decent storyline for women, so I should probably credit them when they get it right.

Fans were shocked when the Divas actually a) got a storyline and b) IT WAS GOOD!

Plucky rookie Kaitlyn (Celeste Bonin) shocked the WWE Universe when she bested veterans to win a battle royale and a shot at the WWE Divas Championship. The storyline progressed for several weeks as Kaitlyn continued to rack up victories and and win over fans as well as impress the champion, her mentor and friend Layla El. However, the catalyst in this storyline was Eve Torres, Kaitlyn’s most recent rival acting strangely…nice to her rival and the champ. Torres continued to act nice and kind, represent herself as a friend to them and even comforting poor Kaitlyn when she was “mysteriously” attacked from behind and couldn’t compete in her long awaited title match. Torres was chosen to compete in Kaitlyn’s place and won the Divas Championship, leading fans to speculate if her nice girl act was an act and she orchestrated the whole thing to obtain the silver and pink butterfly.

credit wwe.com

All women have a friend like this. The friend who’s got your back because she’s looking for a place to stick the knife. She’s loyal and supportive and comforting…until you really need her and then of course, she’s not there. But not before she betrayed your trust in some way and left you to clean up the mess. We had that friend in high school, we had that friend in college and we have that friend as adults. Everyone has that “friend” and women can definitely relate to Kaitlyn as she looks on while Torres celebrates her big victory. Fans will now be invested in Kaitlyn, who lost out on her opportunity and will accuse Torres of sabotaging her (which is likely where this is going). We’ll see Torres play the wounded girl and as the storyline progresses, women will identify with all three characters before the storyline is over.

From a writing standpoint, removing Kaitlyn and inserting Torres makes the most sense. Torres recently won NBC’s “Stars Earn Stripes”, the reality show that had celebrities team up with soldiers to compete for $100 thousand for the charity of their choice. Torres has also generate buzz in various entertainment magazines for her fashion choices at red carpet events and announced her engagement to Rener Gracie, of the famed Gracie family, who’s style of Jiu-Jitsu revolutionized martial arts. Gracie’s father Rorion is heavily credited for creating the Ultimate Fighting Championship and Torres herself leads the Women’s Empowerment program at the Gracie Academy. Torres is stunning, has name recognition and is one of the more credible Divas. From a marketing standpoint, Torres makes the most sense to lead the Divas Division, not to mention legitmize Kaitlyn if she can perform well opposite Torres.

Regardless, the WWE got one right. Women can definitely relate to this storyline and if they continue to write it properly, women can continue to enjoy it. Provided WWE doesn’t repeat the mistakes of Laycool and not give the mean girls their comuppance when the time is right, fans can continue to wonder what will happen as Kaitlyn struggles to expose the duplicity of Eve Torres.