Empty Space

Will Smith’s PR team was working overtime after he slapped a Ukranian reporter across the face during the premiere of MiB 3.

The reporter attempted to kiss the Academy Award nominated actor on the lips (which is apparently his “gimmick”) and was slapped for his efforts. Smith said “He’s lucky I didn’t punch him in the mouth.”

Some claimed this was a homophobic attack as it was a male reporter and this contradicted his previous support of same sex marriage earlier this week.

I’m sorry, what?

Smith’s slapping of this reporter (reporters have gimmicks? Since when? Should I get one?) has nothing to do with supporting same sex relationships or being homophobic. This was a total stranger attempting to kiss Will Smith. I’ve seen the video, where Smith graciously accepts a hug from the reporter and a kiss on both cheeks. It was the kiss on the lips that prompted a slap. To see the video of the slap, click HERE.

Frankly, I’m not a touchy feely person. I’m affectionate with my kids, my boyfriend and my close friends, but the thought of hugging a stranger or an acquaintance isn’t something I’m down with. I’ve been known to slap a guy or two at a bar, much harder than the slap that Smith gave (seeing as he took extensive boxing training to play Muhammad Ali, this reporter IS lucky that he didn’t punch him in the mouth). I’m totally pro same sex marriage, but I’m certainly not pro kissing strangers, male or female.

I don’t even understand why this is a thing. Someone overstepped their bounds and was rebuked. If this were a female actress, she would be praised and the reporter labelled some kind of predator. She’d grace the cover of every magazine with her “brave” story, even though about 40 women have the same “brave” story after a weekend at a nightclub.

The lesson here is simple; if your schtick is to kiss strangers on the mouth, expect a couple of whacks to the face. Is it the most polite solution? Not really, but neither is invading one’s personal space for the sake of entertainment. Why should people have to accept smooches from a stranger to further your career because they worked for theirs? I would love for my journalism career to take off, but I’d rather be known for my writing, not for the actors I made out with on the red carpet (yes, even Chris Hemsworth).