Happy Mother’s Day!

I want to extend warm Mother’s Day wishes to all of the moms, stepmoms, grandmothers, great grandmothers, foster moms & guardians out there!

We literally wouldn’t be on Earth without our moms & we sometimes overlook their sacrifices or appreciate what they do for us. We get mad because they give us Hell, but they just want the best for us. We aren’t always so nice to them but they always give us 110%.

So, thank you to the women who work every day to help us grow. Thanks to the single moms who go it alone. Thanks to the grandmothers who raise their grand kids because their parents can’t. Thanks to the moms from the nuclear family.

Personally, thanks to my foster mom, who made me the mom I am today. I only hope I’m half the person that you are & my daughters turn out half as well as yours did.