Beautiful, Dirty, Rich

Now that the school year is coming to a close, it’s time for this student Mama to become a working Mama.

As a sole support parent receiving no assistance from their other parent, I feel it’s important for me to set the right example for my children by going out in the world & getting a job. I’m not picky; I’ve applied at McDonald’s. However, Windsor is known for its high unemployment rate, so this could be daunting.

What tickles my funny bone is the number of people who overestimate their worth. In this economy, NO job is a bad job. Every job is awesome because they pay you. However, I’m constantly hearing “I’m ONLY looking for management,” or “I’m only taking $13/hour to start.”

Sorry kids, but there are three other people (myself included) who are ready to work whatever shifts for minimum wage if it means my family is supported. I can’t afford to be picky & neither can you. Then the very same people will wonder why they aren’t working.

Pride is not something one can have while job hunting. You have to be willing to do anything & work any shift, especially if you have a family counting on you. So, suck it up & dig ditches if you have to; I know I will.