30 Days of Truth Day 19

Day 19 : What do you think of religion? Or what do you think of politics?

I have a strange view on religion; I think everyone is right!

I believe in God. I believe that to each person “God” takes on their own form. To me, “God” is a higher power who has blessed me with an amazing life, a life I thank God for every single night.

I am one person amongst 7 billion; who am I to tell someone willing to die for their God that they are wrong? I believe that if you have faith, then you will find your Heaven when your life is through.

I can’t do organized religion though. The rules freak me out. My friend Drew is the single most wonderful person in the whole entire world. He is good & loving & looks out for people & gives so much of himself. The idea that he’s condemned to eternal suffering because he’s gay upsets me (of course, Leviticus also condemns being left handed, so I’m effed too).

So, I would rather believe in God with the understanding that the Bible is man’s interpretation of God’s word. If you choose to follow it, that is your choice & I’m glad you’ve found solace in it. But remember, others have found solace in their religions as well, so allow them the freedom to believe they are right.

As for me, you’re all right. There can be no “right” or “wrong” in faith as none of us know the answers. We just have to believe in what we feel is right for us.