30 Days of Truth Day 20

Day 20 : Your views on drugs and alcohol.

As long as used in moderation, I have no problem with the odd drink or toke.

I do not support hard drugs @ all.

However, there has been no scientific evidence to prove that marijuana on its own is more dangerous than alcohol or tobacco. Let’s legalize it, tax the crap out of it & put restrictions on it like tobacco. It would keep petty criminals out of jail & kids from getting laced marijuana.

However, I’m of the unpopular opinion that if you’ve struggled with dependency, you should refrain forever. No more booze, nothing stronger than a Tylenol. If you choose to “casually partake” after you’ve worked to get clean, you should be treated the same as a junkie who refuses to get help. No sympathy should be given, as you’ve proven you don’t care about your life.

Falling off the wagon is one thing; tempting yourself is another. If you do that, then you deserve to end up with nothing.

As for me, I will enjoy a cocktail/beer/glass of wine with friends if my children are asleep or if I’m out without them. I don’t smoke weed, I think I have twice in my whole life. I have never done drugs & I’m glad I can tell my kids that.