I Can Barely Say

I think I fail blogging.

Over the last two weeks I’ve written some stuff & then froze when it came to publishing. The posts aren’t controversial at all, so I’m not really worried about getting flamed. They’re just my random observations as usual.

I’m not sure why I won’t post them, but I don’t. They’re both protected right now. Sigh.

Has this happened to any other bloggers? If so, how did you handle it? Maybe I need a blog proofreader. Someone who reviews my blog posts & decides if they should go up because I’m really struggling with what to publish right now.

Should I just post what pops into my head at the time & hope that people don’t read anything too deeply into what I write? Is this a sign that I’m getting too deep into my life? I don’t know. The idea of a proofer doesn’t sound that bad.