Hands Held High

Atheists may be life’s greatest hypocrites.

They claim they hate being witnessed to about God & religion & having it forced down their throats, then spend every waking second witnessing about how there is no God. So, they are conquering the thing they hate by doing the thing that they hate.

Personally, I don’t get why we need to “witness” to anyone. If you believe in a higher power, good for you. If you don’t, good for you too. By constantly fighting, you’ve turned your faith into a struggle to be right instead of believing in something.

I believe in every God. I think all religion is right in a sense. It’s nice to think there is someone or something looking out for us, & loving us unconditionally. Besides, who am I, a little speck in the universe, to tell people willing to die in the name of their God that they’re wrong? I won’t even tell my friends that I think their political affiliations are dumb, let alone their most personal beliefs.

Neither religion nor science can adequately explain how we got here, so why force our hypothesis on people who simply don’t want to hear it? Why do we need to prove there is no God? Is it going to make you feel better? Because I know it won’t make the very large population of believers happy. It will only hurt them. Will it make you feel better to convince an atheist to believe in something that they can’t understand? Probably not.

So, why not leave it alone? Let people believe what they want. They’re going to anyway & stop forcing your ideals on everyone else. It’s not fair & it’s hypocritical for you to think that everyone has to listen to you because YOU believe in something when the person you’re talking to believes in something too.

So, cut it out atheists. If you hate preaching so much, don’t do it.