Learn My Lesson (5 Things)

Oh, hashtags! You make blogging so much easier!

As I continue to decide the fate of another post, I’m gonna blog about another Twitter hashtag: five things I cannot stand.

I don’t “hate” a lot of things. In fact, I’m the opposite. I love almost everything! I can count the number of people I dislike on one hand & the things I dislike on the other. I figure this will be like the last list, where most people knew the answers before reading ahead;

1. Liars. I abhor lies. If you eff up, own it, apologize & move on. Why shatter trust to save your own ass? It’s very hard to rebuild trust after you’ve broken it with a lie. If the lie is huge, it may completely destroy a relationship. I don’t forgive lies easily. Only once did I forgive someone for a lie (and a whopper @ that) because the person was so sincere in their apology & has demonstrated complete honesty since then. The truth is the most valuable tool you have, don’t waste it.

2. Terrible music. That means Nickelback, Fallout Boy, Live, Jessie J, etc. Bands/artists with no growth, no progression or evolution. Fallout Boy is the greatest offender because they blamed their poor album sales on Pete Wentz’s now ex-wife Ashlee Simpson. Classy.

3. George Clooney. I really hate his acting. Hate hate HATE it. His best role was a puppet portraying him in Team America.

4. Lateness. I corrected my habitual lateness in high school by giving myself a half hour window to arrive. If you’re going to be late, call, text, something. Don’t be late. It’s just rude.

5. Olives. I hate the taste, smell, thought of them. When I was pregnant & had to pass the olives in the grocery store, I would throw up. Now, I just gag. They’re pretty much the worst food item ever.

I can’t really think of anything else, except snails, because they’re effing gross. I’m not really a grudge holder or hateful person. I tend to focus on things I like & that make me happy.