Happy Valentine’s Day!

You know, the day where we celebrate the decapitation of a martyr who defended his religion with stale chocolate crap!

I know I must sound cyncial, but I have never understood Valentine’s Day. The idea that someone needs a day to tell me that I am special to them makes me a little bit sad. If you care about me, shouldn’t I mean something to you all year round?

I will admit that I do buy the three loves of my life (my daughters) stuffed unicorns every year, because they love the idea of Valentine’s Day and it makes them happy. It’s our little tradition and it means something to us.

However, I think too much emphasis is placed on  one day. Many people will allow their partner to step on them all year long but then on Valentine’s Day, they receive some sentiment all the other 364 days of mistreatment are long forgotten. So, I have always chosen to refrain…until this year.

Maybe I didn’t go all out or anything but I did get my beau something. I realized that by autocratically nixing the idea of today, I wasn’t being fair. What if it’s a big deal to him? My daughters  really wanted to buy everyone they love gifts so we did. I didn’t even throw up.

Maybe it’s because I purchased items for people who treat me with love and respect all year round, so it was no different than MH’s random gift giving days. I’m with a man who treats me beyond well, so I wanted to do something nice for him. My friends are amazing supports to my girls and myself so it was nice to do something nice for them. I’ll probably never decorate the house or get excited about the whole idea of Valentine’s Day, in fact my evening consists of a lot of writing and homework with no date or romance on the menu. But, it was nice to help the girls make people happy and in turn make them happy, as they loved picking out stuff for everyone they care about (They contend that their gifts are better than mine haha).

Maybe they’ll grow up to become one of those hopeless romantics. Either way, I really can’t force my anti-holiday stance on them. So, I hope that they enjoyed their shopping and their gift giving and have fun with their dad on their daddy-daughter date. After all, this day is allegedly about love and there is no one that I love more. So, Happy Valentine’s Day little ones, I hope it’s everything you want it to be.

“Always do what you’re afraid to do…and sometimes that means loving someone.” – Raine Maida