I did a very bad thing.

I let Drew smash my ex husband’s wedding ring with a hammer & tweeted the video.

Normally I’m above such childish measures but for some reason, this is what I did. I would love to say there was some deep & insightful meaning for this event but really, I was just being a total bitch. I didn’t think he’d see it as I’ve blocked him from my life. I just assumed people would find it funny.

I should probably apologize but I won’t, more because it will fall on deaf ears & I live my life based on honesty & openness & I’m not that sorry. I guess everyone has that moment where they behave in a less than civil manner. This was mine.

Some people pawn their ex’s stuff, sell it, light it on fire. I let my best friend smash it. Again, not my finest hour. That’s life though, you won’t always be on your best behavior.

However, I should think before I do such public things. I need to carry myself like a lady, the type I would want my daughters to be. This means no smashing things with a hammer…sorry Drew.