Desperate Measures

Sometimes things don’t always go according to the master plan.

I’m having trouble with this as I like everything to follow my master plans. When they don’t, I have trouble regrouping.

However, minor setbacks can be a GOOD thing. They remind us that we can’t always depend on the things we feel we should. The law won’t protect me from a madman, so I’ll have to protect myself.

Minor setbacks also remind me not to be so damned nice (somewhere Drew is reading this & CHEERING). I’ve always tried to maintain a cordial relationship with my ex for the sake of my daughters & gotten hurt every time. Maybe it’s time for no more Miss Nice MH…@ least where the divorce is concerned.

That’s my fatal flaw; the refusal to believe anyone, even the man who physically & emotionally abused & tortured me for months could be completely evil. My naive search for the good in everyone keeps costing me, now my personal safety. Sometimes, you’ve gotta accept that some people are just cruel, horrible monsters & the good died long ago when they spit in their pregnant wife’s face & called her a whore.

I’m not saying its wrong to believe that almost everyone is essentially good. I still believe that most people are good, kind people. I just need to open my eyes and see that some people are capable of being very bad & stop searching for good that isn’t there. Otherwise the girls & I are going to keep ending up in harm’s way.