Sometimes It’s Not About The Number

Its been a long, hard six weeks but I have finally finished phase three of my program.

Strength is probably the hardest phase IMO. It’s tiring, long, and painful. There’s also weight gain as fat turns to muscle so its discouraging. There’s no loss persay and you go home hurt and tired. Not so fun.

I’m struggling to remind myself that it’s not about numbers on the scale, it’s about inches & how your clothes fit. I’ve managed to go down to a size 14 for most of my clothes so I can claim a small victory.

The problem is that when people think of weight, they think of a number on a scale, not inches. It’s frustrating because the number doesn’t decrease but I know I must be losing, right?

So how does one learn to let go of the scale and focus on fixing your body? I really don’t know. I am really the last person to answer this question, as I have the worst body image ever. My BFF asked me if I owned a mirror and I replied that when I asked it who was the fairest, it tells me that I suck. It’s another one of those situations where you know it’s irrational but yet, you still look to the scale and that number for validation.

How does one let go of that number & simply track the progress? I would love an answer as I simply don’t know.