No Kenneth Tong, I won’t aim for size 0

As week two of my weight loss challenge begins, I was pleased with myself and horrified with the world around me.

My first week of burn produced a six pound loss, thanks in part to the flu haha. Either way, it’s a positive step. I’ve taken to drinking more water & I’ve cut out almost all caffeine. Not to mention that the burn program is hard, so the feeling of accomplishment is worth the shin splints & the sweat.

Enter Kenneth Tong, the “self help” guru who has earned the ire of Gordon Ramsay & Simon Cowell for his size zero campaign. Tong claims that the tiny size is the standard for beauty & self control. Except that not everyone can be a size zero. Some body types are just not built to be a size zero and pushing these women may just kill them.

The problem with these idiots is that even though we know they’re idiots, the seed has been planted in the minds of women everywhere. They’ll mock him publically but then loathe in private because they aren’t the elusive size zero.

We can preach that women need to discover real beauty, regardless of weight but let’s be frank; no one’s listening. Everyone still wants to be thin. So, let’s promote realistic goals; no shakes, no fads, just a combination of smarter food choices, excercise and accountability. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to be in the best shape for your body type, as long as you do it safely & aim for a realistic goal.