Real Life Fairy Tales vs Reality

The world is abuzz with the news that Prince William and his love Kate Middleton are to be wed.

As April 29/11 approaches, many wedding planners are discouraging couples from choosing the royal date so they can watch the nups themselves. Wedding dress designers are lining up around Buckingham Palace in hopes that their design will be chosen and gossip lovers are hanging on every wedding tidbit.

But why all of the hoopla? After all, it is just a wedding…right?

Some people will contend that the world has watched William grow up until a man of England. He has championed his late mother’s causes and even lived on the street to call attention to England’s homelessness. Some royal watchers claim the wedding will symbolize Will’s ascension to the throne with his queen by his side.

But the short answer is that it’s like a real life fairy tale. Will’s late mother Princess Diana personified the fairy tale life until hers tragically ended. Even though she divorced, her commitment to charity and new love affair with Dodi Al-Fayed made her a romantic figure in the eyes of the world. Now her handsome son has chosen a bride, a middle class commoner at that! Every little girl secretly wants to be a princess, so deep down we all watch the hoopla and live vicariously through the love story.

Whether you care too much or not at all, it’s still nice to hear some good news for a change. So, let’s wish the royal couple well and hope the wedding doesn’t make THEM crazy too.