Dear Vampire Diary: Should’ve Said There Was Another Witch

Dear Vampire Diary:

This week was full of twists and turns and werewolves oh my!

(Spoiler alert! Don’t read if you haven’t watched)

The Salvatore brothers have had enough of Katherine and are determined to finally be rid of her. Teaming up with Jeremy Gilbert, Alaric, Caroline and Bonnie, the Scooby gang team up to take on the psychotic vamp.

The plan nearly falls flat when Kat kills a random drunk who picked the wrong time to tell “Elena” that she looked sensational. Kat showed her dark side once again by killing the girl. Stefan wavered in his resolve to kill Katherine, but Damon helped keep Stefan focused.

Meanwhile, Katherine’s plan to get a werewolf worked, as Tyler inadvertently killed a drunk girl (compelled by Katherine to get the job done if Matt couldn’t) after Caroline saved Matt from destruction. Tyler was horrified at what he would become, Caroline reached out with understanding, showing him her black eyes after his turned werewolf amber.

Jeremy & Bonnie played their parts well, with the former serving as a pawn and the latter casting a spell keeping Katherine caged. Caroline managed to fool Katherine and lure her into what should have been her demise. As the Savatores attacked their former lover, Elena (who snuck out from the not so watchful eye of Alaric. Seriously, worst babysitter ever) suffered every blow, thanks to Lucy, Katherine’s witch friend Stefan, unable to strike Katherine knowing his beloved Elena would suffer, interrogated Katherine, who taunted him comically. Damon had finally had enough of Katherine’s antics & vowed to stake her once Elena was safe.

However, Lucy had grown annoyed that Katherine had misled her; she failed to mention to her that there would be another witch. After winning Bonnie’s trust, Lucy gave Katherine the moonstone, which had now been tainted with magic. With Katherine subdued & Elena free from harm, the Salvatores were free to dispose of her by putting her in the place they thought she was all along: the Fell’s Church tomb. As Katherine explained that the Salvatores needed her to protect the doppleganger (Elena), Damon closed the door on Katherine, hesitated, & walked away.

With Katherine gone, Stefan rushed to Elena in hopes to be with her once more. Elena however, wasn’t ready to return to Stefan’s arms…yet. Deciding to take some time alone, Elena declined her brother’s offer to drive her home & was abducted by a masked man, leaving us on a cliffhanger.

Will our heroes save their beloved or will death finally claim Elena? Will Jeremy’s awkward advances on Bonnie work? We won’t know until next week!