Dear Vampire Diary: I don’t Think I’ll Like Plan C

Dear Vampire Diary,

Love hurts so much it can rip your heart out, especially in Mystic Falls.

(spoiler alert! Don’t read on if you haven’t watched)

The episode started off promising, as Elena and her vampire soulmate forgot they were supposed to pretend to fight & made love. Werehottie Mason Lockwood enjoyed his morning as well, with Katherine sharing his bed. Katherine wants the moonstone and Mason plans on giving it to her…later.

New vamp Caroline is having family drama (I’m sure we can all relate to the problems that come from locking your mom in a basement when she finds out you’re the walking undead). After spending the day educating her mom on the vampire way of life, Sheriff Forbes agreed to keep her daughter’s secret & admitted how proud she is of her daughter. Caroline knew her mother would never protect her makers (the Salvatores) in the same manner, so she compelled the moment away & set her mother free. Things are just going to get worse for Caroline, as Katherine has a plan for her beloved ex boyfriend Matt, but more on that later.

The romantic entanglements came to a head when Bonnie bumped into Mason and got a vision of him kissing “Elena”. Stefan put two and two together and along with Bonnie and Damon, set out to “talk” to Mason and get the moonstone.

Stefan’s leap into a an old well to get the moonstone nearly proved fatal as it wad full of vervain. The ladies worked as a team to save him & Elena let him feed from her in order to revive him (LOVE Bonnie, Caroline, & Elena working together again, let’s see more of this in future eppies). Meanwhile, Damon’s playtime with Mason ended with the tortured vampire ripping out the werewolf’s heart in a jealous rage. Damon’s mocking call to his former vamp lover put Katherine in revenge mode, compelling Elena’s Aunt Jenna to attempt suicide and Matt to sacrifice himself so Katherine can have a werewolf.

Elena, racked with guilt left Stefan, claiming Katherine won. Damon humbly apologized, but Elena was gone. The Salvatores know that to win the woman they love back, they need to kill Katherine. With Alaric (he wants to defend his beloved Jenna and her niece), Jeremy and Bonnie also wanting Kat dead, she best have nine lives.