My status brings change!

A recent Facebook status change has prompted controversy & no, this time it’s not about bras or purses.

A request to “end violence against children” by changing your display picture to a cartoon character has prompted all sorts of controversy, ranging from rumors that it was started by pedophiles to people speaking out against the idea that a FB status will bring social change.

The sad thing is that people are doing this to bring about “social change” when in reality they are doing nothing. Creating awareness is important, but so is actually doing something about it. Earlier this year a similar “status for social change” generated headlines as women posted the colour of their bras to promote breast cancer awareness. Thousands of women did it, but I’m assuming considerably fewer donated to cancer research.

How many people will put up a picture of My Pet Monster or the Power Rangers but walk by the donation bin to give a child a Christmas or turn a blind eye to the child abuse in their neighborhood? They feel awesome because they are “helping” when in reality, they’re just following the pack. It’s easy to change a picture, actually caring enough to do something takes time & effort. Why do that when googling Rafiki takes 30 seconds?

If you want to use your FB to create awareness, feel free but make sure you’re backing them up that status with actual love & a commitment to make things better. Otherwise, you’ve made yourself (& My Pet Monster) look stupid.