Kiss the brides?

The debut of the show “Sister wives” has everyone talking polygamy.

This isn’t a new idea & dates back to the new testament. Jacob had two wives, Rachel & Leah. While the whole idea prompts many a joke about two husbands forgetting to take out the garbage or two nagging wives, the big question is: can you love more than one person?

To me, the answer is yes, but in different ways. Deep down, we will always have a soft spot for our first love, long after the romance is gone. I have friends I love more than anything (granted I don’t want to marry them) & value their companionship. I couldn’t picture my life without them, but I love my husband more than life itself. Polygamists are capable of loving more than one person in a Romantic & sexual sense.

I just love the irony of a society built on casual sex & adultery has such a problem with multicommitment. While it isn’t for everyone, no one is getting hurt. Meanwhile, every weekend another girl cries because he didn’t call or a guy comes home from work to find his girl & another guy.

I guess (while not for me) it’s just not a big deal to me. Everyone is okay with it & seems to be happy. Maybe we should just let them be a family. After all, it wasn’t too long ago that blended or same sex families were taboo.

So, if the idea of having double the nagging wives or double the forgotten anniversaries appeals to you, have fun! Perhaps if more people focused on their own marriages & not the polygamous ones, more would be successful. I’ll stick with one husband; mine is a handful.