Dear Vampire Diary: Pretend Games Are Fun!

Dear Vampire Diary,

My boyfriend’s a vampire, his psychotic ex is trying to kill me & my best vampire friend is working with said psychopath to ruin my life.

(spoiler alert! If you missed it, don’t read on)

Katherine allowed Stefan to torture her as she revealed some more details about the Lockwood werewolves, while she continued to get in Stefan’s head. While trying to convince him that he loved her, Stefan tried to stake her. Too bad his humanity (& her resemblance to his beloved Elena) stopped him. Elena & Stefan staged a public breakup to convince Katherine, Caroline, & Damon that they were no more. Meanwhile, Katherine stared @ the moon longing for Stefan, adding a twist to an already winding road.

Meanwhile, Damon played Pictionary with Mason Lockwood, in hopes to expose him as a werewolf. Wolfy McAbs wasn’t playing & offered Damon a truce, too bad Damon wasnt buying & stabbed Mason in his rock hard stomach. McWolfy told our sexy vamp that truce time is over. Meanwhile, Tyler was shocked when Uncle Mason told him taking human life is the key to the curse. The moonstone may be the key to breaking it & Katherine seems to know something.

Damon & Katherine shared a moment where she warned him to avoid the wolves. Damon’s open anger & Katherine’s concern makes me wonder if these two are truly done.

So, what happens next? Stefan is willing to go blood crazy to protect Elena & Caroline’s mom is getting closer to finding out that her daughter is a vampire. Will Damon stop the wolves or will Katherine manipulate him again? With this show’s fast paced action, we’ll know soon enough!

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