Gleecap 09/28: Its Brittany B*tch!

Glee’s second season continues to hit the right notes.

(spoiler alert! If you missed Glee, stop reading now)

The Britney themed episode continued to move the storylines forward while keeping up the comedy. Spears’ influence was nuanced through the power of nitrous oxide, providing some hilarity. Meanwhile, New Directions & it’s mentor Will Schuester continued to deal with their romantic entanglements.

1. The Only Exception. Rachel & Finn’s adorable romance hit a snag this week when Coach Bieste allowed him (& Artie) back on the football team. Rachel’s fear of Finn leaving her prompted her to issue an ultimatum & a test involving Quinn. After realizing that Finn truly loves our neurotic heroine, she issued an apology & a serenade.

Meanwhile, Will continued his attempts too woo back Emma, despite meeting her sexy (& quirky) dentist beau Carl. Carl helps Will try to loosen up, and all his attempts backfire…hilariously. When Emma tells him he’s great just being himself, Will sadly tells her that just being Will wasn’t good enough for her, causing a collective “awwww” from Gleeks everywhere. There may be hope for fans of this couple: Santana has set her sights on Carl & Santana seems to always get her man.

Artie’s attempts to win back Tina may have stalled thanks to a Britney “Stronger” fantasy & his acceptance to the football team. Artie’s newfound confidence may help him move on.

2. It’s Brittany… Glee’s favourite dimwit Brittany S. Peers came to terms with her fear of Britney Spears through some nitrous inspired Spears fantasies. Fans finally got to see what Brittany could do in a spoof of Spears’s biggest hits. Not only was Brittany smokin hot, but she held her own well. As Brittany’s confidence level grew, so did her demands; “I want all of the solos in glee club”.

High note: the random Britney Spears cameos. They were well placed & subtle. How many Britneys did YOU see?

Low note: Kurt’s divatude. I understand that it progressed the Spears Homecoming performance, but it was so out of character for Kurt to lash out at his mentor. Mercedes would have been a much better choice.

Song of the night: Stronger. Artie’s football themed fantasy was hilarious & well done. All the performances were top notch, but this out of the box solo was above the rest.

Brittany quote of the night: “Its like a Jew cloud.”