Dear Diary

2020, amirite?

It’s been a weird ass year. Really weird. But we’re almost to the end! I hope you’ve all stayed safe, stayed healthy, and stayed okay. It’s been a tough year, but also a great year. It’s helped me appreciate what I have more. It’s helped me learn to ask for help more. It’s helped me learn how to be a better mom and person. It’s helped me learn who my friends are. While it’s been wild, I appreciate this year for helping me with so much. And because of that, it’s time to end the year with another photo essay of the best of MHC’s 2020 (excluding the kids). There are fewer trips, but more moments with friends, simple pleasures, and of course, pics of ice cream. I wish you nothing but the best for this year and hope to see you all in 2021!

After four and a half years, I made it to the mountains! Jasper!

And Banff!