Day Two: Nicknames

I’ve been called many things; Mommy, MHC, editor, my current boss calls me Princess Zelda, I’ve been called a bitch, but the only nickname that stuck was Melon.

My best friend Gigi was hyper & all anyone could understand her saying was my name & it came out Melon & it stuck. It was NOT a boob reference. Now there are only six people left who call me Melon. It’s mainly MH now.

I actually hate nicknames. I don’t shorten my daughters’ names & I don’t care for pet names of any kind. I dated a guy who tried calling me Tigger for like a week but I shut that down (the reference would reappear as a weird in joke, as I made it a point to find Winnie the Pooh themed cards & gifted his daughter a plush one for pointless nothing day). I really don’t care for them @ all. I think they’re stupid. I don’t like being called sweetie or baby either, although I will tolerate it if I care about you.

Maybe it’s because my name is one that is often mispronounced or misspelled, but I really would prefer people call me by my given name. But for the six people left on Earth who call me Melon & refuse to call me anything else, I don’t hate it as much as I used to hahaha.

Either way, you can call me whatever you want. I likely won’t answer unless it’s my name or you’re one of those last six people.