I finally got the call!

Apparently the lump is a cyst that will need monitoring, but isn’t life threatening. Hooray! Although, when I mentioned to my doctor that I have a cyst on my cervix so if I get one on the left boob, I’ll have a complete set, no one laughed but me & one other friend when I told her.

But its a relief to know that this is behind me. Of course, it still doesn’t explain the lingering health issues, but I’ll take that I don’t have cancer & run. Maybe this was God’s way of telling me that our futures are limited & I need to figure mine out. I like my job, but I need to get back into media. I’m pondering a relocation in order to do that. But either way, I clearly need to focus on building my future as a mom & a reporter. Even if it wasn’t some sign, I do need to get my ass in gear & continue to work towards another media job & continuing to grow as a mom & a writer. I need to stop blaming myself for the what ifs & cannot change & keep moving forward & trust that it’ll all work out for the girls & I in the end. God has a plan for us, so I think I need to ride it out & wait for him to show me that plan.

Again, thanks for all of the love & support that I’ve received here & on the ASH Life. Its so nice to know that people can rally & extend a kind thought during crappy times. I appreciate more than you’ll ever know.

Xoxo MH