Gotta Be Tonight

While life is an ever evolving platform, it’s always nice to know that there are constants.

One of those things is my friendship with my two high school besties.

For 19 years we’ve laughed, cried, lost touch, gotten back in touch, fought, made up & repeat. We’ve gotten married, gotten divorced. We’ve had babies, lost children, fallen apart & put ourselves back together. These constants keep us sane.

Because she felt my spirits needed lifting, my best friend drove to see me while the other kept in touch via text. The locations are different, Blackwater coffee is now a bar. The stories involve kids & bad first dates. But the laughs, the tears, the quick witted punch lines are all the same.

It’s comforting to know that there are people who have seen you grow up into an adult, raise a family, screw up royally, & still just be a friend. I know we’ve all done some stuff, whatever, but when it all crashed down, we answered with an honest “you done effed up, now how are you gonna put that back together?” Or “I’m so sorry.” Sometimes, it’s just a matter of holding a shoulder while they cry.

But it’s always nice to have those touchstones to keep you grounded & strong. Those cool women are mine & I hope they feel the same. Besides, after nearly 20 years of friendship, we gotta stick together: we know all of the dirt.