On Top Of The World

I saw an interesting post on one of my favourite blogs, the Baddest Mother Ever about posting photos of ourselves & showing people who we are.

This reminded me of two separate conversations that I’ve had in recent memory. One was when my 6yo asked me why there are no photos of me, which is of course because I am taking the photos. She was very concerned that there were no photos of me, so I’ve learned the art of the selfie to appease her. The other was during our “thank effing eff we are done school dinner” when I took a photo of my awesome mojito for a friend who couldn’t make it. My other friend mentioned that it looked like the straw was up my nose & how embarrassing. So, naturally I made it my Facebook profile photo.

I’ve mentioned before that life is not super cereal & we need to learn to have more fun. Embarrassment is the same. You can only be embarrassed if you give someone that power, which I refuse to do (of course, one who leaves the house with her Pikachu hoodie must have a thick skin). I won’t lie & say people have power over me; there are people in this world who can make me feel things with the smallest action, but we all have those people, the Achilles Heel. But I refuse to give strangers that power.

So, I’ll take your ridiculous photos & proudly display them on social media. I won’t “hide from timeline” because I don’t care. I’ve probably posted even worse ones & laughed at them. Life is meant to be silly so I don’t mind being captured doing silly things or looking silly. It’s all in fun & life should be fun.

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