Today I finally got rid of the last remnant of my unholy union.

I altered the matching tattoo.

I was determined to keep the star tattoo, but I didn’t want it to look like the old star, that has a mate. Stars are very important to me. They’re my talisman, my compass. The thought of covering over it bothered me, but I didn’t want it to resemble its mate anymore.

I shall digress for a moment.

Stars are a huge part of my daily life. I truly believe they are the last truly magical property. Even the hardest cynic will look up & be blown away by them. Adults will still wish on them like those wishes may come true. Stars are life’s great compass; wherever you are, you can look @ them & be guided…home.

So, knowing my quirky obsession, my beloved star had to remain. But it’s my star now. It’s my favourite colour & has three small friends, to represent my three daughters. Gone is the old, faded, pinky red star & in its place is a bright, shiny, much more unique “me” star, which suits me much better. My star, much like my life, is all mine.