I’ve long had a controversial opinion of the paparazzi; I don’t hate them.

I believe the media is a give & take system. Celebs use me to pimp their wares, I use them to further my career. However, even I have my hard limits.

Celeb children should be left alone. Also, if you are in the privacy of your own home, a telephoto lens should not be used to photograph you.

This happened to HRH Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge when a French tabloid published photos of her sunbathing topless on the balcony of a private French villa earlier this week. While being a member of the royal family means sacrificing your privacy, the Duke & Duchess are still entitled to some. They were not representing the Windsor family, the British Parliament or even walking the public street. They were on private property, and should have remained Private.

People who are blaming the Duchess are simply out of line. She was not representing the Royal family, she was a newlywed frolicking with her husband. Much like my blog is not a reflection of the publications I work for, her private time is not a reflection of her duties. She is allowed to goof off, be silly & yes, even do things that others would consider “shameful” like sunbathe topless. However, it is her time.

Shame on the mag for buying these photos & embarrassing the Duchess. Just because we can share information doesn’t mean we should. That can cause undue hardship for those at the centre. The same applies to the nude photos of Catherine’s brother in law, HRH Prince Harold of Wales. He was on his own time in Las Vegas & his trust was betrayed by someone he considered a friend. He was not representing the Royal Family. He was simply entertaining his friends.

Paps are a part of fame, but even fame has limits. The privacy of one’s own home should be that limit. Let’s not force HRH Prince Williams’s wife to suffer the same fate as his mother.

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