People never cease to shock or disgust me.

With reports circulating that Grammy nominated singer/songwriter Adam Lambert is in talks to become a judge on American Idol to replace the allegedly departing Jennifer Lopez, many people took to People Magazine’s website to discuss this choice.

Personally, I think that Lambert would make an excellent judge on the show. As a former contestant, he remembers what it was like to be in the hot seat, waiting for those critiques. Lambert has demonstrated that he can be very blunt (as seen on his Twitter account) and his number one selling sophomore album Trespassing was voted by Rolling Stone as one of the best pop albums of 2012. Throw in his successful run as the frontman of Queen during their reunion tour and you have a very accomplished and talented judge.

However, many people disagreed with this sentiment, claiming that Lambert is not a role model for young people. I assumed this may be due to his December 2011 arrest stemming from a drunken argument with his longtime beau Sauli Koskinen. However, that was not the case. His inability to be a role model was because he was a gay male who wears makeup.


I take great offense to these statements for a lot of reasons. 1. Who Lambert goes to bed with is none of my business, nor should it be anyone else’s. Anderson Cooper recently announced the worst kept secret in the world and “came out” publicly last week. Is this accomplished journalist no longer a role model because now everyone knows that he is gay? 2. The idea that someone is not a role model because they are a boy who wears makeup disgusts me. My friend Drew is openly gay and rocks some pretty sweet smoky eyeshadow when we go out. He’s also the kindest, most amazingly thoughtful and generous human being in the entire universe and I couldn’t ask for a better “Uncle” for my daughters. He knows their interests, they invite him out to our family gatherings and my eldest is quick to text him her accomplishments before her own father, because she wants her Uncle Drew to be proud of her. Personally, I’m fortunate that my daughters have such a solid positive male role model in their lives. I wouldn’t trade him for anything. So, as a mother of three children, I’m a little offended that these people would claim that someone isn’t a good role model because they wear makeup and are fabulous.

American Idol is a music show and should feature judges who can best mentor these young aspiring singers. Who someone sleeps with, or their eyeliner will not determine their ability to sing. Considering Lambert’s ode to KISS was considered one of the most entertaining Idol moments of all time, perhaps Lambert could help these young people learn how to become performers and embrace their charisma. Lambert can offer another level of empathy, as he can relate to them in a way Steven Tyler or Randy Jackson, as he has been judged by the panel before. Lambert’s appearance as a mentor was well received by TV critics, claiming he was refreshing and honest. That’s what a judge should be, right?

So, before we condemn Lambert’s abilities because of his eyeliner or sexuality; let’s see if he would be the best for the job.