My Stupid Mouth

People who know me know my disdain for John Mayer.

He seems like a real D-Bag, who has very little regard for women, his fans or people in general. However, while promoting his recent album “Born and Raised,” we’re seeing a kinder, gentler, dare I say, nice John Mayer.

Fans are claiming the change of heart is simply because he wants to sell records. Mayer says he realized how immature he sounded and his recent vocal troubles (including some serious surgery) made him realize that he needed to “grow up”.

This actually makes a lot of sense. When Mayer recently underwent vocal surgery, he has been faced with the reality that he may never sing again. He may have lost his livlihood and I don’t care who you are, that’s just tragic. Mayer was forced to cancel his tour indefinitely to rehab his voice and he’s still not medically out of the woods. This humbling experience will help one find perspective.

His move to rural Montana likely helped as well. Outside of the LA sun and in rural farmland, being John Mayer isn’t that special. He’s just a dude who shops at the local stores and pays his property taxes. This kind of anonymity will help you regain some perspective. He didn’t have his people kissing his ass, he was just some bloke who lived day to day. This could have been a very chilling look at his future, considering the loss of his voice. He could become just another guy, but he would have been a guy universally loathed for being an asshole.

So, kudos to you John Mayer, for admitting that you were a rude, misogynistic asshole. Kudos to apologizing to your fans and the women whom you have wronged for your big, stupid, mouth. It takes a real man to admit that he made some calculated mistakes and even if you can never perform again, you used your publicity time to correct some past mistakes and that takes courage.