Arms Bumalang of AM 800 posed an interesting Facebook question this morning: would you be upset if your partner “checked out” an attractive person when you were with them?

One woman said she would break up with her boyfriend on sight, that he broke the trust, the end. Other responses were that looking is fine, it’s the touching that bothers them.

I generally don’t care. I’ve been called a flirt & I’m not ashamed to admit that I find Chris Hemsworth more than a little attractive. My boyfriend is also a shameless flirt & recently explained his plans to marry Sophia Bush. We laughed. I’m really not a jealous person. I won’t unless I have a reason to be. If you don’t give me a reason to feel threatened, I won’t. We both have a lot of friends that are of the opposite sex so when we started dating, we discussed what we considered acceptable & what was crossing a boundary. We were pretty much on the same page.

People are visual, they’re genetically predesigned to react to visual stimuli. To flip out when they do is asking a human being to deny what makes them human. To the women who claim their partner noticing a pretty girl is cheating, I ask this; do you practice what you preach? You never look at another man? Zack Efron didn’t make your stomach flutter? Do you expect him to only look at you while you ogle construction workers & celebrities? If so, then the issue is you, not your man.

I don’t care if my guy ogles Sophia Bush, Katie Holmes or the waitress. As long as he loves me for the things that actually matter in life, then we’re good.

Maybe I just expect very little, but I think that love means that you don’t expect something from your partner that you can’t give yourself. So, unless you can assuredly NEVER look (no, not even at the celeb you swooned over in high school), then don’t expect your partner to do the same.