30 Days of Truth: Day Four

Day four: something that you have to forgive someone for.

I’ve been hurt many times throughout my life. I’ve been cheated on, beaten, abandoned, neglected & betrayed. Of course, almost everyone has had most or all of those things happen to them. However, holding onto the resentment from those things will only destroy us. It’s like drinking poison & hoping the other person will die.

There is one thing I have yet to forgive someone for. It seems so small but yet, I can’t seem to forgive.

A former coworker of mine learned something very painful about me & gossiped to all of our mutual friends. It was something I never tell anyone, something I didn’t want anyone to know & she used it to humiliate me.

I’m not one to care about gossip; talk all you want about me, I’m not that interesting. However, to take something hurtful & use it for no other reason than to create controversy & drama for your own entertainment is just sick. All you’ve done is cost yourself a friend & proven you can’t be trusted.

I thought this person was a friend. Clearly I was wrong. It’s not like there was anything to gain from this, we no longer worked together. It was just a mean spirited & hateful action.

I know it seems weird that despite all of the major events that have hurt me, this is what I can’t forgive. I guess it’s because there was no reason for this. My ex can rationalize his actions, people can give a reason for the bad things that they do, but this had no reason. There was nothing to gain, just to hurt someone who you had coffee with every couple of months. It was just unnecessarily cruel & I guess I don’t understand why someone would be unnecessarily cruel.