Every song tells a story.

Every artist creates a song hoping it will tell a story, with the hope that it will become a part of your life. That song will remind you of a moment in time & stay with you forever. That song tells a story that is individualized to your own personal tale.

Concerts are how artists share that story. They get on a stage with hundreds or thousands of their best friends & they share that story, that snippet of their lives & in this new moment, everyone is living the same story together.

But what I’d you weren’t there? What if you got sick or couldn’t make it?

That’s where I come in.

I’m always blown away by how amazing my job is. I get to tell that story. I get the opportunity to tell you all about those moments where the lighters looked like stars, where everyone sang along. I get to relive all of those moments by recreating them for you & maybe, if I do it right, you’ll feel like you were there.

Every moment, every second is another part of a story. Whether it’s a concert or an election or that tragic moment that we always remember, from where we stood to what we said, I have the privilege of telling you what happened, where & why so that you are part of it, even if you weren’t there. It’s such a cool thing to me, that I get to share all of these stories with the world. That someone is going to read my words, look at Drew’s phenomenal photos & either enjoy that moment or relive it again.

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