Ever Just Want To Run Away?

I’m often accused of running away from my problems.

I’m not a confrontational person. Often, if an issue comes up, I’ll address it in an private conversation to avoid embarrassment for anyone. I’ll also walk away from a childish situation (name calling, accusations) instead of listening to abusive language or hate speech.

Does that mean I run away?

The subject of running away has come up alot lately, when after another row with my estranged husband, I mused to a friend that I wished I could just pack up the girls after my divorce is final & move far away & start fresh. I don’t want to do that, as I’d be leaving my friends, whom I love like family & Windsor feels like home but I’m not going to lie; it’s tempting.

This makes me wonder; would a clean break be therapeutic or cowardly? Apparently my choice to avoid conflict and handle issues in a quiet manner as opposed to a Maury guest makes me a coward. Would starting over in a new community be the same? How would it affect the girls? I don’t think it would, as girls are social & fun and would thrive anywhere. My career wouldn’t take a hit, I’m a journalist & there’s news everywhere.

I can’t imagine leaving Windsor right now, my life is here but life never goes according to plan so maybe it’s something to consider. So, if I decide to pack up shop & get out of dodge, I’m inviting friends to come with me.

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