Isn’t Insanity Fun?

Forget the crisis in Libya, there is something far more important in the world; the downfall of Charlie Sheen!

After all, what’s more socially relevant than an overpaid crack addict calling the media to tell us about his latest chicanery?!

The Charlie Sheen debacle has put the media in a very interesting position. No longer are we the villainous force exploiting the poor celebrity. Instead, he is exploiting them at every turn. You can’t turn on a TV, radio or computer without learning his latest exploits and over a million people followed him on Twitter in 24 hours on the hopes he would say something stupid.

However, it’s not all fun and games. Sheen’s estranged wife Brooke Mueller needed police intervention to have their sons Bob and Max removed from his home (cameras rolling all the while). She claims he’s threatened to kill her and attempted to dampen her recovery from alcohol abuse. Daughters Sam and Lola (with former wife Denise Richards) are scared and confused as Daddy is going on yet another “vacation”. Jon Cryer is out of work right now, as is the entire Two and a Half men staff. While they will be paid for this season, their jobs are in jeopardy while a 45 year old man child continues to “win”.

This leaves the casual observer to wonder if we should pity Charlie Sheen or if we should continue to laugh at his moronic exploits as he continues to commit suicide in front of the entire planet. Personally, I’m going to laugh. Why? Because let’s be honest; Charlie Sheen is a grown man who knows what he’s doing. He’s taken three drug tests in the last week to prove he’s “sober” and yet he continues to rant and rave like a psychopath. He wants us to look, he WA NTS us to laugh. He wants the press so he can continue to feel validated and just. So, let baby have his bottle.

However, we should continue to keep those Sheen isn’t considering in our thoughts. Show some compassion for Mueller, Richards and their children, not to mention his father Martin and siblings.  I know that may seem hypocritical, seeing as I see nothing wrong with laughing at their father’s downward spiral. Sheen is no victim, he deserves no sympathy from any of us as he scrambles to stay relevant. His family are the real victims and we should show them support. Denise Richards has thanked fans for support on Twitter and Mueller is in hiding with her sons. They are the ones who should be given the support, love and offers of guidance, not their selfish spoiled relation.