An Open Letter to Negative People

Dear people, it’s not that bad.

WWE Superstar Matt Hardy was whining on Twitter about how he is “underutilised” and how he’s sick of it and how WWE needs to take notice or he’s going to take his ball and go home. It made me think about what I’m putting out there in terms of my job. My job totally sucks, it’s not my dream job, but I guess I should be fortunate that I have one. Last week, after a particularily crappy day at said job, a dear friend told me “sh*t comes in waves to weed out the weak. Only the strong survive.” It helped me realize that the negative experiences will help me become a better wife and mother.

Then there are those who are so self absorbed that they can’t appreciate anything in their lives because they don’t have their dream job or the right car. These people spend so much time whining that they don’t see that they have a great family or awesome friends or any other blessings. They end up so jaded and bitter that they end up losing everything. Hardy can’t appreciate that he is known for his role in one of the world’s most popular tag teams, or that he’s won 13 championships working his dream job. All he can see is that he isn’t one of the select few to go to that top tier. It’s like the guy who neglects his wife and family because he doesn’t get a promotion. In the end, the wife leaves and he’s left alone, no promotion and no family.

The lesson is to get over yourself. No one ever gets everything in life that they want. Everybody is missing out on something they hoped to achieve and while it’s sucks, it’s part of living. I have friends living their dream job who wish they had a family. Friends with a failed marriage just wish they had said the right thing. Meanwhile the people who have someone to love, a decent job and an okay life just want MORE. Why do you need more when you don’t appreciate what you have now? Fate rewards those who appreciate what they have already been given. Maybe if you took a look around you, you could see what you’ve been given and a look in the mirror to see what’s holding you back.

Perception is reality and attitude can make all the difference. If you spend 85% of your life bitching about how much your job sucks on Twitter, chances are your high profile job won’t take you seriously. If you spend your life whining about how you need more, you’ll end up with less in the end. Take a minute to focus on what matters and prioritize your life so that the things you need are ahead of the things you want.