Take Your Time

Let me tell you what happened this week, because I’ll rank it among the top five most utterly heartbreaking moments of my adult life. 

All my life I’ve worked for one goal; to be a reporter, in an office, with a beat & headlines. I’ve dedicated my entire professional life to this goal, despite learning I’m really good at selling cellular phones & leading people. This is my calling, my passion, my entire reason for being (as well as raising tiny humans, but raising tiny humans is far more important). 

So, imagine my joy when I was contacted by a headhunter & offered a position with a rural newspaper…


That’s right! I HAD TO TURN IT DOWN. Because it’s a rural newspaper, I would need a fully valid driver’s license (and I need to get one for the province I’ll be moving to) & a serviceable vehicle; two things I do not have yet. While it’s on the to do list & the editor was impressed enough with my body of work to consider me for future opportunities, saying that “no, I will not take the only job I’ve wanted since I was 8 years old,” was soul crushing. 

(If you’re thinking “Gee MH, aren’t you being a little overdramatic?” The answers are:

1. Have we met? Duh. 

2. Of course I am! When it comes to achieving my professional goals, I’m very serious, maybe overly serious)

Fortunately, it’s not like I’m screwed & stuck in a job I hate. I really like my job. Once I meet my new team & integrate myself into my official workplace, it’ll be really nice. I’m building a career & valuable management experience that will take me far in life. All good things. I refuse to let one kick in the teeth stop me from the goal. It’s just a helpful reminder that my years of being super stubborn & couldn’t see that my refusal to learn to drive was affecting my ability to reach the goal. This begs the question; could I have been doing this, working in my field this whole time, had I just done the obvious & learned to drive (of course, what’s best for us is generally the thing that was right in front of us the whole time, that we ignored or worse, pushed away, but whatever). 

So, I’ll just resolve these hiccups while working at becoming the best darned cell phone manager lady ever. It gives me a chance to settle into my new surroundings, build my life, tailor my writing to my new demographic. I mean, yes I’ve been doing it for months, but you can never get “too good” & you can never work to be the best at your job too much. 


In the interim, I’ll focus on becoming the best in my cellular sales field. As a “manager in training,” I’m learning how to lead a team, which will only bring about positives for me professionally. I like my job. I like sales. It’s unique & allows me to be charismatic & charming while learning about business & market trends. Not to mention cell phones will NEVER GO AWAY so I’ll always have earning potential. Yay wireless! 

But the most important thing to me is that this showed me that I AM heading in the right direction. I’m writing & working & it’s all been an easy transition (well, until I put my cat on an airplane in three weeks. I feel like that may have some challenges) & I have a chance to achieve all of my goals once I learn to drive (so I WILL make sad puppy faces @ my friend Kristina & convince her that being my driving tutor is a good idea). This may be the ticket for me to achieve everything I want for my professional life, which sounds pretty rad to me. 

Erica says that this was a sign from the Good Lord that I’m on the path to success once I LEARN TO FREAKING DRIVE. SERIOUSLY, WHO CAN’T DRIVE IN THEIR THIRTIES?! (We may have this conversation a lot) I don’t know if that’s what the universe is trying to tell me, but I’m going to assume I’m on the right path & keep on going. 

This sassy & confident pose seemed fitting. Also it has a lovely view of a serial killer hotel I stayed in. And my Avengers shirt. All good things.

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  1. Haha! I adore you! You will learn to drive, AND get that awesome journalism job with the beat and the byline and the office. You are my MH, you always get what you want. Plus you put my name in your blog. I always like the blogs with my name in them. I might be a bit of a narcissist. Also, cool shirt!

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