Take It Off

An open letter to the parents who complained about the content of last night’s Ke$ha concert.

Dear parents,

Last night, my friends & I saw Ke$ha. I saw you there, swarming security, complaining about Ke$ha’s scantily clad dancers & profanity. You blamed Caesars for not providing you with family friendly entertainment. So, as a fellow parent I have one thing to say;

Shame on you.

Shame on you for taking to social media to complain about a concert your tween child had no business attending. Caesars had signs everywhere reminding people that while it was all ages, there could be explicit language, a warning that was hammered home when we bought our tickets. Shame on you for not doing your job as a parent & researching what kind of show Ke$ha puts on. Shame on you for demanding that a casino provide family friendly entertainment.

My 12 year old begged me to bring her to see Ke$ha & I said (wait for it) NO. I knew her show was not for her demographic & opted to keep her home. Just because Caesars Windsor sells tickets, doesn’t mean your little angel needs them.

Speaking of little angels, were yours among the Tweens in short shorts & fishnets, bikini tops or plunging mesh tops, cursing out everyone, waving the middle finger & referring to my friend (who said the shorts were too short) as “Free Willy” & screaming “you should f***ing kill yourself because you sasses me!” Because that happened & the girl who’s mouth that came out of couldn’t have been older than 13. Ke$ha may be provocative & her lyrics sexual, but her first statement on stage was “please be yourself & love each other for being yourselves.” I think you have bigger problems than Ke$ha saying she likes boobs & balls.

At the end of the day, you are a parent & you have an obligation to teach your children what is appropriate & what isn’t. You need to know what your children listen to. If you aren’t doing that, then you’re not parenting. Instead of complaining, why not educate your child that Ke$ha’s language & raunchy lyrics are not how you wish them to carry themselves. Explain why that is not appropriate speech. Parent them.

So, don’t blame Caesars or Ke$ha for putting on an inappropriate show, blame yourselves for not caring enough to take the five minutes to know if your kid should have been there in the first place.

Sincerely, MHC