Laying Me Low

I love Pink.

She’s such a cool chick; talented, smart, and strong with some old-fashioned ideals. She and her husband Cary Hart chose to work on their marriage instead of throw in the towel like so many Hollywood couples. She’s also a cool, laid back mom who does her best to shield her little girl from the harsh public eye so she grows up as normally as possible.

However, a recent interview with Allure magazine in which the singer/songwriter mentioned that her daughter Willow had suffered a concussion (she points out that the doctors said “kids fall”) and Willow’s penchant for saying “F***, Hi” had the keyboard warriors out in full force, tearing down the mom for inadvertently teaching her daughter foul language and why wasn’t she watching Willow (despite the article saying that she was walking right in front of Willow).

I will never claim to be the perfect mother. Mainly because I’m not. My housekeeping skills are subpar, I’m goofy and silly and I also feed them stuff with preservatives! GASP! My parenting struggles are well documented (You can check them out HERE, HERE & HERE) and while I may not be that perfect TV mom (I’m more Peg Bundy than Carol Brady, only without the neglect and I can actually cook), I know I’m doing my best to be the best mom that I can be.

It’s hard enough to be a parent without the sanctimommies in full force telling us why we suck. It’s not always easy. Kids get hurt. Kids mouth off. Sometimes, you think to yourself that if you have to watch one more episode of Toopy & Binoo or hear that One Direction song, you’re gonna throttle that cross-dressing mouse or kick Harry Styles’s curly haired ass. However, as long as you’re doing the best you can for your children, then you’re doing okay. So, don’t feel badly if you’ve had a rough day with the little ones or if they hurt themselves or if you REALLY just want to drink a glass of wine and never hear the word “Elmo” again.

So, on behalf of moms everywhere, let me tell all of the parents out there: You are doing a good job. Yes, you. You’re doing a great job and I hope you know that. So, whether it’s been an amazing parenting day, or you’re curled up in the fetal position because they’ve copped a huge attitude, kudos to you.