Little Lion Man

First of all, I would like to thank everyone for their kind messages as of late. It’s nice to know that everyone has felt dark or low & wondered how to get through. But, I’ve also found that, while popular, my blog has been dark. I am not generally a dark person, so I’m injecting some much needed light…

…with Jesus & cat memes.

Whether its a message board I frequent, or a class that requires computers, I break up tension by telling people they need Jesus & cat memes. Why? I dunno, it’s funny. I’m not one who likes anger or tension, so I will generally try to lighten moods by cracking jokes or through something ridiculous. I’ll talk about something that makes me happy instead of the blah thing. The world is full of horrible things, so sometimes we need a break from those things to enjoy a laugh or a smile.

I guess sometimes we need to remember that life needs to be fun too. It’s not all seriousness all of the time & we can break up the seriousness of life with some much needed silliness (I mentioned this HERE, complete with an adorable photo of me being very mature).

So, while we must tackle the seriousness, we could always use a break. Dr. Seuss always said “Fun is good,” so lets take a moment each day to do something fun, something silly & laugh, because tomorrow may require seriousness again.

Until then, I leave you with this cat meme (Jesus sold separately).


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