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Nothing makes one more aware of their mortality than creating one’s Last Will & Testament.

I say I don’t fear death, but I certainly wasn’t fully prepared. As a mom of young children, I have to make sure their rights are protected in case I’m not here. I need to ensure someone is watching their inheritance, their RESP & that someone is their guardian.

Choosing someone to raise your child in case you die is a difficult one. I know many people capable, but I wouldn’t even consider them, not because they wouldn’t do a good job or the like, but because I want someone who is going to give them that parental, unconditional love. I love my daughters, they are amazing & smart & will change the world. They’re also handfuls & some days, even exhausting. There are days I crawl into bed & think “Wow, that was rough, we’ll try again tomorrow.” I have amazing friends, but if you’re not one who wants kids, you might think, even for a split second, “What did I get myself into?”

I know someone who would never ever question what they got themselves into. They would love my girls like their own & protect them as they would their own child & be the best guardian I could ever ask for. I admire them a great deal & I’m fortunate enough to know that if anything happened to me, I could trust them with my children, which is pretty much THE testament of my respect for a person. To know I fully trust you to love & nurture my girls if I can’t do it is the highest praise I can give a person.

I still don’t fear death. I’m not planning to go any time soon, but I’m much more comfortable knowing the girls (& their money) are protected.

Also, if I did name you in my will, please don’t kill me.