Makes Me Wonder

“Love waits patiently. In the lobby. I’ll be with you as soon as I can.”

What an adorable quote.

I love cutesy, dorky things. The more ridiculous the sentiment, the more endearing it is to me. So, naturally, I would find the idea that love is simply waiting for all of us in a foyer just so stinking cute. I’m just picturing it there, hanging out with it’s briefcase, occasionally checking it’s watch, maybe pacing in a little circle. Just picture it; it’s adorable.

The truth is that love is waiting for us and it’s generally either right where we left it or where we aren’t looking for it. We cannot make it happen, no matter how much we want it to. We also cannot escape real love, no matter how far we run, hide, immerse ourselves in other pursuits. It will always wait around in the lobby of our hearts, saying “I’m still here and I’m still waiting for brain to get on board.”

I keep telling Drew that love is a lot like the short film “Paperman” (which is attached to “Wreck it Ralph.” Go see both, they’re awesome), where a young woman meets a man in a chance encounter on a train platform and he spends the remainder of his day flying paper airplanes across the street in the hopes of attracting the young lady’s attention. I won’t spoil the ending (it’s Disney, you figure it out hahaha) but the lesson is definitely that fate is on the side of love, not against it. I believe in fate. It guides us, propels us, takes on the series of subconcious choices until we end up where we belong. We believe fate is simply some urge, some inexplicable feeling, a gut instinct but in reality, that’s not just some random thought, it’s something greater & deeper, telling us where we belong. Much like the Paperman, eventually the signs & the arrows, compulsions & even the things that seem coincidental & innocent will help us see what love was subtly trying to tell us…or sometimes, love will go into that briefcase & get a bat (I know I need a bat. That’s why fate gave me my über blunt & honest friends).

Maybe it’s fate. Maybe it’s coincidence. Or maybe it’s love, shuffling its feet in the lobby, checking its phone for a text. Meanwhile, we’re all stumbling along until we finally just throw our hands in the air & say “Fine! You win! Tell me what I need to do!” That’s when Love will walk over to us, tap us on our shoulder & say:

“I’ve been expecting you.”