Crazy Girl

People are strange & I don’t necessarily mean in that super cool, Doors song kind of way.

We utilize social media to blast our deepest secrets to the world but clam up to those we love the most.

Yes, I talk about my life on my blog, but I try to remain as high level as possible. My daughters are rarely mentioned, because they aren’t blogging and their privacy should be respected. Any blogs that get too deep get protected because I don’t have the heart to delete my writing but I don’t want something very personal made public. I also generally do not tell my closest friends very personal things about myself.

This has become a sticky point for me. When do you really let people into your life? I understand that it’s subjective, relationships move at different paces, some friendships mean more than others. But if you’re not used to dropping the guard, how do you do it? Truth be told, if someone close to me really wanted to know anything about me, they could just ask I guess.

I guess that’s why some folks choose to blast their darkest secrets online. The anonymity is there. If the online friend walks, you didn’t lose a real friend, you lost a person in a box. We spend much of our lives afraid to lose that we rarely gamble to win. There’s nothing wrong with being guarded, but there comes a time when we have to drop them & let people know the good & bad, especially when they’ve stepped so far out of their comfort zone for you.