Blogging vs Privacy…

To my fellow bloggers: have you ever written an entire blog post, thought it was awesome and then not published it?

That’s me right now. I just typed up an entire piece about my current relationship which I am pretty proud of, but I feel a bit hesitant to post it. While it’s not terribly personal persay, I feel like because it involves another person, I shouldn’t make it public.

Yes, I’ve talked about friends in general terms and gone into detail about my divorce, but most of those are my own feelings about the subject. I know it’s the same in this case, but there’s something that makes me hesitate a bit about posting something about my relationship with the person I’m currently sort of seeing. Maybe it’s because he’s a regular reader of my blog and while he knows my current feelings, I wouldn’t want him to read about my thoughts on a public forum unless I’m sure he already knew. Maybe I’m concerned about his privacy in general. Maybe I’m learning there are some things that I would rather keep private in the interim, even though I find blogging about my various experiences helps me find insight.

I know my good friend Nikki over at Mister Mama, Sir has felt that way because she’s mentioned that’s why she protects certain posts. I protect them for awhile because I’m unsure as to how it would be received. I’ve never simply sent something to the drafts and left it because I’m unsure about posting it. So, my question to my fellow bloggers is this; has there ever been something that you just didn’t feel right publishing?