The 2013 30 Day Blog Challenge: Day 8

Day 8: List 5 passions that you have.

1. Writing. Writing. Writing. Writing. It’s all I really know how to do except write. I write all my feelings in letters that I never send. I write in cards instead of canned sentiment. I write for a living. I write this blog. This is all I know how to do & sometimes I even do it well. Sometimes. But writing is my true passion in life.

2. Faith/spirituality. I am very passionate about learning to be a better person, discovering God’s plans for me and my family and where all of it will take me. I’ve taken some flack from readers because of my strong pro-LGBT stance and my Christianity, however, I like to point out that I choose to focus on Jesus’s words on the subject, which are none. I enjoy my church, the community, and the messages I’m getting from the sermons. I try to apply to my daily life, try to be nicer, kinder, better.

3. Music. I love music. It makes me feel better, I listen to what affects my mood, etc. I love everything about music. Just for kicks, here’s what I’m listening to right now:


4. Self-improvement. I’m not a person who enjoys remaining stagnant. I want to grow, evolve and change. Whether it’s tearing apart my house and repainting the whole thing to make it happier, to yoga to improve my body, meditation to improve my mind, I will always continue to try and expand my horizons and grow as a person. It’s very important to me to continue to learn and grow as I wander through life. These things are important to me. I don’t want to become complacent and end up screwing up everything in my life because I didn’t follow through, etc.

5. Corporate Law. Surprisingly enough, I actually enjoy the work I do at placement…not so much in class. There’s something about actually doing it and watching the mergers and such take place that is really fascinating! I enjoy my firm, the people I work with and how it all comes together.